The Cap Volumizing Keratin Brush is a revolutionary tool for natural-looking hair building fiber application in seconds. An unbelievable way to temporarily conceal areas where hair is thinning, the Cap Volumizing Keratin Brush makes it easy for anyone to use hair building fibers as part of their everyday routine for instant hair density. Dispense and brush in exactly where you want to thicken hair fullness, with no mess or accidental spills. No more changing hairstyles to conceal thinning. Feel confident every day with Cap by Capillus hair building fibers – makeup for hair providing instant hair volume.

How it works

With the Cap Volumizing Keratin Brush, thousands of miniature keratin fiber particles cling statically to your hair, instantly concealing areas of thinning. You can easily brush in just the amount of coverage that you need, focusing on sparser areas that are expertly concealed. No need to use messy sprays or wet solutions. Dry keratin fibers cling statically to your hair and wash off your hair with shampoo.

From the makers of Capillus laser therapy caps for hair regrowth, the Cap brush is a cosmetic tool that combs fiber particles through your hair to conceal thinning. Both product lines (Cap hair building fibers and Capillus caps) complement each other… one to disguise thinning cosmetically and the other to treat the hair follicle for hair regrowth medically.

Choose from 11 hair building fiber cartridge colors for the perfect match on application to your hair: Black, Dark Brown, Brown, Light Brown, Auburn, Dark Blonde, Medium Blonde, Ash Blonde, Dark Grey, Grey, Light Grey.

Each cartridge comes pre-filled with .25 oz. of volume-building fibers, the perfect amount to provide coverage for a week’s worth of use* while keeping the fibers fresh and dry for ease of application.*

*Will vary depending on usage.